PLC Programming Courses

MyPLCGuy courses are industry targeted and provide the skills and knowledge employers and industry players are asking for.

Course 1. PLC Taster
Course 2. PLC Introduction
Course 3. PLC Software
Course 4. PLC Essentials
Course 5. PLC Applications
Course 6. PLC Advanced

Learn by Doing

Course assignments are project based upon real world applications.  From a process description you will develop, test, and debug fully functional PLC ladder programs for real industry applications interacting with our MyPLCGuy simulator.

Latest Technology

All projects are developed to interact with an easy to understand MyPLCGuy simulation system.  Programming software and applications are developed to the IEC 611312 International standard for PLC programming software. 

Easy to Understand

Cut the jargon and confusing language often used in PLC courses.  We understand the need to make learning simple without confusing terminology.

MyPLCGuy Academy

Our developer has years of industrial experience using PLCs and as a teacher and course developer, in Australian University and TAFE colleges, designing PLC courses for electrotechnology students.

Progress tracking

MyPLCGuy Academy assessments are easy to understand and clearly defined, progress through assessments at your own pace.  Check back on progress and learn from previous answers.

Self-paced Learning

Study in the comfort of your own home or office.  Set time aside that fits your busy day.  Courses are available 24/7 so you can get going anytime that suits you.

Nationally Recognised Qualifications

Our courses are structured to meet the requirements of the current Australian qualifications included in the UEE - Electrotechnology Training Package

Online Mentoring

Participate in regular online live FAQ sessions and mentoring sessions.

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