Frequently Asked Questions

Common FAQ about our courses

  • Question: Do I need to be computer programmer for the MyPLCGuy courses?
  • Answer: No, MyPLCGuy courses use ladder logic PLC language to program the PLC. This ladder logic is included in the PLC programming software.
  • Question: What equipment do I need for the MyPLCGuy Academy courses?
  • Answer: You will need a PC running Windows (check “More Information” on any of the MyPLCGuy courses for full specifications), and time to complete the course projects.
  • Question: Is the software used in the course free or do I need to pay additional fees?
  • Answer: The software is free, there are no fees for the course software. MyPLCGuy courses use a commercial PLC programming software package and the MyPLCGuy Academy lab simulator, you will need to download and install these software packages on your PC.
  • Question: How long does it take to complete a MyPLCGuy course?
  • Answer: Each MyPLCGuy course has a nominal duration. Course completion time is estimated on the time taken to work through the courseware and complete the course projects. To assist in completing in the expected time, it is advised a personal timetable is created and dedicated time is set aside on a regular basis.
  • Question: What is the regular Q&A sessions?
  • Answer: The Q&A sessions are provided at a scheduled time on a regular basis for MyPLCGuy course participants to ask questions and discuss issues in a live environment.
  • Question: How is a MyPLCGuy course assessed?
  • Answer: Assessment uses a variety of methods including, quizzes, multiple choice, short answer questions, and PLC programming projects.
  • Question: Do I need to do all the MyPLCGuy courses?
  • Answer: MyPLCGuy courses are sequential, and each course is designed to continue to the next. It is recommended to start at either the PLC Taster, specifically for those wishing to see what the course style is and to decide if they wish to continue, or PLC Introduction, for those who are comfortable with their basic knowledge and are willing to get started immediately. From there each course will follow to the next. You can go to the end or finish where you feel comfortable. Course content becomes increasingly complex as you progress.
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