About Us

Powlec was formed in 1980 as an electrical contractor and employer. Building on previous experience we specialised in service and support for the industrial compressed air industry. Powlec successfully registered patents in Australia and New Zealand for our Solenoid Auto Drain for condensate removal, which was unique in its design at the time.

Powlec quickly gained recognition as a supplier of quality compressed air control equipment for our regular product lines and those manufactured especially to customer specifications. Our PLC based compressor Duty Controller - Duty Mate, developed for the compressed air industry by Powlec, was often used as a benchmark and specified for new and existing multiple compressor installations. Powlec compressed air control products are installed in many countries and places around the world including:

  • Collins class submarines and ANZAC frigates built in Australia
  • ACI glass plants in Australia, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia
  • Underground and exploratory mines in Australia and around the world
  • Many large multinational manufacturing companies throughout Australia

During an industry downturn in the late 1990s, Powlec saw developing opportunities in the TAFE and University education sector.  Since then, we have gained many years of experience in roles in TAFE and University as a senior instructor, course developer, consultant, manager, and contractor.  In that time, a variety of courses were designed, and automation training systems designed and built.  These courses and systems were developed with a specialty in Electrotechnology, PLCs and Industrial Automation.  Examples of our work and projects are:

  • Design, manufacturing, and course design of PLC based automation training equipment
  • Online training website for electrician exam preparation
  • Production and development of YouTube videos for PLC training
  • UEE Electrotechnology Training Package expertise
  • Educational consulting, course delivery, design and development, and project management

Today, Powlec Technology and Training are focused on providing online training courses for electricians and technical persons who wish to either learn about PLC systems or want to explore and develop their skills beyond their current experience.

At Powlec Technology and Training we continuously strive to provide excellent training products to satisfy the needs of our customers who are looking for quality, reliability, and value in their purchases.

Powlec Technology and Training, PO Box 47, Port Albert, Victoria 3971, Australia.

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