January 2015



Since 1987 the Powlec Solenoid Auto Drain has been Australia's most reliable auto drain...

Australia's No.1 Auto Drain!
Reverse Auto Drain Timer model 3000

Top view of Timer unit model 0301.2712

Condensate Removal Auto Drain model 2000
Each Auto Drain is fitted with a proven and reliable brass solenoid valve. Timers can also be supplied separately for use in applications where there is an existing solenoid valve. Reverse timers are used in applications where a normally open solenoid is required. The 2000 model delivers a big 1.0 amps and the 3000 model up to a massive 3.0 amps output. Adjustable times are set initially to 1 second on, 1 minute off, that can easily be extended up to 9 seconds on and 99 minutes off. We also supply optional time periods and voltages.
Every unit undergoes thorough QA tests and is supplied with a 12 month warranty.
* Our new 2000 and 3000 models are a direct replacement for the older 0301, 0301.2712 and 0301.0700 models
AC/DC Supply
Auto Drain (includes solenoid)
Application / Usage
Part No.
Price A$ (Ex-GST)
1/2" BSP / 12mm Solenoid Auto Drain
0.5-99 sec/0.5-99 min - 230-24 volt Heavy Duty
Timer Units (no solenoid)
Standard Timer Unit
0.5-99 sec/0.5-99 min - 230-24 volt
Standard/Reverse Timer Unit
1 sec-99.9 hr/1 sec-99.9 hr - 230-110 volt
Timer Unit Option (indent only-min qty)
Timer Unit (Standard/Reverse Control)
1 sec-99.9 hr/1 sec-99.9 hr - 110-12 volt

How to set times for the Auto Drain

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