If you've got Compressed Air Systems you need...
Solenoid Auto Drain
'Set it and forget it'

Model 2000 auto drain

Auto drain setting model 2000

Model 3000 reverse or long period auto drain

Solenoid Auto Drain is a reliable, fully automatic and economical way of removing condensate from compressed air lines.

Huge time savings compared to draining your system manually.  Fitted to many thousands of air systems since 1987 Solenoid Auto Drain is a proven, fail-safe electronic drainage system that works. 

Advantages of installing this system ...
Cost effective
Far more effective than mechanical float devices
Small efficient compact size
Savings in service costs
Easy to install (no electrician required)
Electronic timer very easy to set
"So all you'll have left is clean uncontaminated air"
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Light Condensate


Medium Condensate, light scale


Heavy Condensate, scale & rust


Extra Heavy Condensate, scale & rust (older air systems)


How to set times for the Auto Drain

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